Month: August 2018

recruitment process

Why Employer Brand Has Become An Important Tool in The Recruitment Process

These days branding is not the sole responsibility of the marketing team only of an organization. It has also become one of the most vital tools in th

August 29, 2018

Foster a great work culture by avoiding hiring blunders

Foster A Great Work Culture By Avoiding Hiring Blunders

Why do we exactly need a great work culture? Have a look at the following stats. Happier employees tend to help their colleagues 33 % more often than

August 27, 2018

Risks and gains of hiring a recruiting agency

Gauging the Risks and Gains of Hiring a Recruiting Agency

The recruiting agencies are mushrooming like anything. The recruitment industry has become quite ubiquitous these days and moreover, you will find a r

August 21, 2018

temp recruitment company

The Virtues of Temp Recruitment Company

Employee crisis during peak seasons can leave you in a deep trouble. The seasonal increase in workload that your business faces have to have a strateg

August 16, 2018