Month: February 2019

temp to hire services

How temp hiring services providers are gearing up for the ‘gig economy’?

After so many transformations that the present economy has emerged to be more challenging for the organization to deal with talent dearth.There has be

February 28, 2019

Payroll Services in USA

3 Company Payroll Services in USA myths Busted

Well, sharing the internal details of your organization with a third party vendor offering company payroll services in USA does not seems to be a grea

February 20, 2019

medical billing services

Streamline collection and increase revenue with right medical billing services

The medical billing services industry is experiencing a paradigm shift. Patients have now become the biggest payer, the advent of Artificial Intellige

February 19, 2019

Medical Transcription Company in USA

Medical Transcription Company in USA, Diskriter, keeps abreast with the latest trends and technology

As per the most recent findings, the market of speech recognition and Medical transcription services USA will be soaring like never before in the comi

February 14, 2019

Outsource medical coding services and mitigate financial risk

Outsource Medical Coding Services and Mitigate Financial Risk

A comprehensive record of patient care, medical billing processes, payments to doctors, physicians and technicians are reliant on accurate medical cod

February 11, 2019

When to Hire Your Temp Permanently

When the company sees a seasonal uptick in business, then it makes sense to hire the employees temporarily as there is a dire need of skilled and trai

February 7, 2019

temp to hire services

The temp-to-hire services sets you free

Temporary hires are not only becoming a necessity in businesses today but also are the need of the hour. Unexpected leaves by the present employees or

February 4, 2019

Look for these 3 signs before hiring a temp by staffing agency on a permanent basis

Look for these 3 signs before hiring a temp by staffing agency on a permanent basis

Temporary positions are not so uncommon in today’s modern organizational hemisphere. The gig economy is turning the workplace around to give it a br

February 2, 2019