5 Recruiting Trends To Look For In The Year 2019

As the famous saying goes, ‘nothing is permanent than change’, so to keep up with the changing recruitment hemisphere recruiters need to equip themselves with the latest recruiting trends. For years, recruiters have amassed solid experience in talent acquisition practices but now is the time to bend the rules and keep up with the changing scenario in recruiting arena, as you would never like to lag behind in the talent hunt race. Staffing services and staffing agency are tightening their grip on to these practices so as to reach out to the relevant talents in the nick of time.

Let us see five latest recruiting trends to catch up with, in the coming New Year.

Flexible work arrangements

The recruitment world is witnessing the paradigm shift, because of the changed ways in which the hires want to deliver their best to collectively accomplish the organizational goal. Confining talent in a five by six cubicle for a fixed number of hours is a thing of passé as this arrangement only demotivates the creativity in the employee.

Today the millennial workforce demands complete freedom in terms of space and timings in order to deliver their best. They seek flexibility in working hours as well as to that of work place. They prefer working remotely so that they are not always under observation, which is the main reason of declining creativity in talents. Agencies offering staffing services have also started catering to the flexible working hours demand of hires by conveying this to the employers.

Up-to-the-minute Interviews

Who knows face-to-face interviews may become obsolescence in the near future. The day is not far away when the applicant may receive the offer letter for the position in the company without any interaction with a human. AI is the buzzword which is supposed to take over the recruitment process by storm in the near future. Staffing services agencies are opting for job simulations, auditions, assessments and other technologically advanced tools to sieve out the deserving candidates, especially for technical positions.

Hiring within the company

People who can hit the ground running in the organization are the ones who have already been employed with the organization. Such employees are well versed with the prevalent processes and procedures and are quite comfortable with the work culture. Such employees can deliver their optimal results in no time as they gel into the organizational structure in no time. Boomerang hires can be the best hires for the organization. Such reasons are prompting staffing agency and companies to create alumni networks to establish and maintain communication with deserving talent who have moved on.

Diverse workforce

Today team leaders want to have diverse workforce who keep them challenging at every point of the project, hire with the similar frame of mind are supposed to work without questioning the present model which hinders creativity and thus progression in the right direction. Lately, it has been identified that diversity of thoughts is very important in moving forward. Because of this reason, organizations are demanding applicants beyond the traditional category. This may include people from defense, retirees, people with disabilities and even people with criminal records. Staffing agency should be well equipped so as to cater the unusual demands from the team leaders.

Lateral movement or promotion

Much more can be expected from present employees if they are given opportunities to showcase their talent on different platform with in the organization. Such lateral movement of the employee not only provides the much needed elevation to his performance but the organization also finds an important cog in its machinery without much efforts.