Are you using temporary staffing app?

Then Read On For a Wake-Up Call

In this modern digital landscape, all your needs and requirements are mostly taken care by apps. There is an app for shopping, dating, getting a ride and much more. Keeping up with the trend, many apps offering temporary staffing services have cropped in past and more will come up with incorporated latest technology in near future. Apps like Pared, Jobletics are claiming to offer a robust solution to temporary staffing woes. The agencies behind these apps work roughly in the same way and is often referred to as Uber for employers offering temporary staffing services.

But one of the most important compliance that these staffing agencies must stick to is that they should operate under state statutory and regulatory schemes and must comply with applicable local, state and federal employment laws and maintain any necessary documentation required. Here let us look into few downsides to the apps that may cause employers a tough time to tackle.

Technology can make things quite easy and fast that too at the little gesture of your fingers but when your business is seeing the prime of the season then no show ups by the temporary staff hired through staffing apps may be a cause of great concern. Diskriter, an
age old agency offering temporary staffing USA services, never fails to satisfy client’s demands and that too in the given time frame.


So when you are in need of trained temporary staff in case of emergencies as that in an uninformed leave by your permanent staff, these apps have fairly low rate in providing the required manpower with the given talent. Diskriter offers comprehensive as well as tailored temporary staffing USA services and solutions that enable us to provide you with appropriate staff even at the nick of time.

Pay more for job done with staffing apps

temporary staffing

Yes, with these apps you will end up paying more for staffing as compared to hiring directly through agencies. Diskriter’s temporary staffing USA solutions have been staffing highly skilled manpower across various business realms and our vast database of hire ready manpower enable us to provide you with the workforce whenever and wherever you need them.

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