Bulk Hiring – Decoded!

Bulk Hiring

Almost all the talent acquisition leaders will have the same nightmare to share when it comes to bulk hiring. The steps, procedures, and processes this involved are sure to give them sleepless nights. And if the target is to be completed in the given time frame then this becomes more difficult to manage. One can figure the complexities involved in bulk hiring by just going through the nuances involved in a single position hiring process.

Searching, selecting, scheduling interviews are just the surface of a hiring process. And where one has to deal with the bulk hiring, the efforts required becomes huge. Diskriter Recruitment Company has streamlined process for bulk hiring and their vast network of eligible contacts make them one of the most sorts after Recruitment Company.

So how can we simplify the process of hiring hundreds of hires in the given timeframe that too without compromising with the quality? Here is the guide to a successful bulk hiring spree.

Build a robust hiring team

Build a robust hiring team

A dynamic hiring team is the first step towards the bulk hiring. The constituents of the team is obviously going to have recruiters who can screen and source prospective employees. But apart from these important cogs, existing employees of your firm can also play an important part in the bulk hiring process. Their experience and useful inputs can help you to chalk out the strategic plan which will form a strong base for the future course of action. They help in defining exactly what kind of talent is needed for the particular job in which they are employed.

Be sure of what you are searching for

Be sure of what you are searching for

This is the most crucial point of your bulk hiring process. Unless you don’t have a well-defined job description or your expectations from the prospective hires, you will be just wasting the valuable organizational resource and time in the blind search. Normally, when a company hires in bulk, they are looking for just a few myriad roles. Now is the point in the process where the existing employees can carve the precise job description along with other soft qualities.

Search at the right place

bulk hiring process

Just like you cannot find a rich vegetation in a sand desert you cannot expect IT professionals amongst highly skilled craftsmen. Go through industry reports, access talent pool reports and be well – informed. It this highly digitized landscape, ignorance is never a bliss. Scan through the geographical places where required skill is in abundance or search universities if you are looking for fresh hires. Give yourself enough choices before you jolt down on one selected pool.

Go for structured interviewing processes

Studies have shown that structured interviewing processes have paved way for apt talents for the organizations. For example, at the preliminary stage, you can set few specific questions for the telephonic round to be asked to every aspirant and sieve those candidates only who provide expected answers. Though this method of interviewing is quite objective it is sure to save a lot of efforts and time. In the proceeding rounds of interview questions may be framed to explore the aspects of the aspirants.

Improve. Implement. And then again improve!

Always get feedback from the hiring team and be open to suggestions for a constructive and successful bulk hiring process. Your hiring efforts will bear desired fruit only if you can reduce bottlenecks constructively and by evaluating the suggestions of your team members.

Diskriter has been providing bulk hiring recruitment services to start-ups as well as to shark tank entrepreneurs for decades. Call or drop us a message and we will make sure that you get the finest bulk hiring services and solutions.