New Hiring And Talent Acquisition Trends To Catch Up With!

Imagine a world without the Internet or similar technology. But have we been not living without these novelties a few years back? Now, as the novelty has become a new norm, technology has carved its niche not only in our lives but also the way we earn our bread. A few years back when temp staffing firm would have discussed checking the past record of a candidate by going through his Facebook page, then you must have probably rolled your eyes in denial. But today, social media platforms have become a necessary part of the recruiting process. Social media is just one of the examples to show how the recruiting landscape has transformed over the period of time. Today technology is not only the most reliable partner in our job but also an advisor on what should be our next step or where do we need to improve. So, keeping pace with the latest technology has become an obligation. Though vacancies are prevalent, talent is limited, which is the reason the war for talent has become quite fierce. This war can only be won by picking up the cudgels and being the leader, leveraging technology to ring-fence the available pool of talent. Talent procurement, workforce planning functions such as talent forecasting, pipelining, strategic talent assessment and development are all the processes for talent acquisition. Temp staffing firm and recruiters are developing talent acquisition teams these days to get their hands on best available talents.

Here are some of the emerging trends that recruiters and headhunters must wear up their sleeves in order to remain upfront and upbeat in their hiring spree.

Data mining, handling, and analysis

Technology has taken the entire recruitment industry on a path to completely new recruitment processes. Gone are the days when you were required to toil for a single meeting with a candidate. Now you can easily get access to all the relevant information about the prospect either on Linked In or on other social media platforms. Such platforms have truly become a hotbed for finding talents. They also provide data mining, handling, and analysis tools, which enable decision-makers to make an informed decision.

Work on building a concrete brand for the employer

Marketing is not restricted to products and services only these days. The word marketing has now an elaborate meaning with respect to talent acquisition. The HR team and recruiters need to work in tandem with each other in order to build a solid brand for the employer. This is the need of the hour to attract the top talent available. Why would a talented candidate prefer working at your organization? Find answers and implement solutions. Otherwise, you will lose this tug-of-war for a talent to your near competitor.

Get the employees who belong through employee engagement

As we have already talked about the importance of brand building, employee engagement is one of the important processes of the same. Employee engagement can be achieved through coaching programs, peer-to-peer training, as these sessions apart from being cost effective also update candidates’ skill which in turn increases the organization’s efficiency. Talent management through focused coaching and mentoring has picked up momentum in the recent past.

Track candidate response through technology

Technology has multiple roles to play in hiring and talent acquisition. Being a wind vane to the talent pool, technology has opened multiple avenues for temp staffing firm to look for desirable candidates. Moreover, technology has also provided means to recruiters to predict candidate’s response on which their future course of action depends. Talent acquisition leaders are keen to follow the new path shown by razor-sharp technologically advanced platforms. Through these platforms, talent acquisition leaders can measure the present performance of a candidate on various parameters in his present employment. Based on these crucial findings they are well equipped to take on the candidate around the table.

The takeaway

Hiring and talent acquisition processes need to keep the trap on latest happenings, otherwise losing deserving candidates to competitors will become a norm. Keeping abreast with the latest technology and hiring processes is the only way to successful talent identification and acquisition. In this highly volatile landscape, conservative and stagnant approach to hiring and talent acquisition is least desirable for a progressive organization.