Onsite Staffing Agency Vs Recruiting Agency

Either fledgling organizations or shark tank enterprises it is not unusual for the hiring situation to transpire because of the workplace ecosystem that constantly evolves due to many factors.Because of this ever-changing landscape, the HR team is always in dilemma that whether to go with onsite staffing agency or with recruiting agency. Most of the times, the two terms are used interchangeably when referring to process of hiring a firm to find the suitable candidate for the job position. Here, we will be differentiating onsite staffing agency and recruiting firms on two main parameters.

Contractual or permanent job position

The choice between the two different types of agencies can be made on the basis of the type of job position. If it happens to be an onsite contractual job position then agencies offering onsite staffing solutions can offer insightful solutions. But when the position requires the hire on a permanent basis then recruiting firms are better to consider. Since decades, Diskriter has been offering robust onsite staffing solutions to clients that are from different industries.

Involvement factor

Staffing agencies are involved through the entire employee life cycle. From bringing candidates to face to face interview, promotion processes, retention practices to exit interviews, they are a keen observer of each and every stage. Therefore, needless to say, organizations are less involved in screening and interview process. Diskriter’s approach to offering staffing solutions is quite comprehensive.But recruitment agencies are just concerned with searching the candidate with right skill and talent and sourcing them to the company. The company has to follow its own set of procedures to screen the candidate. The recruitment agency is not bothered for the rest of the employee life cycle. Nevertheless, their search for right candidate is deep rooted recruitment agencies get in touch even with the passive candidates.

But different agencies offering onsite staffing solutions and recruitment solutions share a common objective that is to find a perfect candidate for a vacancy. It’s up to HR team to choose and use them smartly.

Diskriter offers staffing services for various organizations to assist them in finding the right candidate for the vacant position. Visit www.diskriter.com to know more on our staffing services.

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