US staffing services providers Vs. App-based staffing services providers

Since decades US staffing services have been offering robust solutions to the organization’s staffing needs. With the technological advancements, traditional US staffing services seem to be taking the back seat. The app-based staffing services providers are making tall claims that are making traditional US staffing services to improvise their staffing processes. Let us look deeply into what actually app-based services providers have to offer and how are they different from a traditional staffing agency.

App-based staffing provider for emergency fill-ups

In this modern digitized landscape, the staffing industry is also witnessing the paradigm shift in the way it is functioning. Staffing apps like Shift gig, Wonolo or BlueCrew phone are picking up the cudgels to fill the important position at your organization at the eleventh hour. These apps are connecting you to already screened and vetted people in the labor market.

So when you got that unwanted call from your employee during the peak season of your business these apps are offering helping hands just a click away. Few of the apps are also claiming to fill in the position in only four minutes. But few hidden risks come with these app-based staffing processes that are not part of the traditional US staffing services.

Business partnership

The app-based services providers have the database of ready to hire a workforce that they have prepared after passing each candidate through these stringent processes. It is very unlikely that the organization will have the chance to scale on the soft skills of the hire to avoid any cultural misfit. But with a traditional staffing agency, the entire staffing process is done in partnership with the client. The employer is aware of each and every staffing process and is allowed to make the last minute decision on the hire.

The app-based staffing services are best in the case of emergencies. But a traditional staffing agency has inline processes to analyze demand pattern and consultative approach to modify workforce strategy.

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