What To Expect From Managed Staffing Services Providers

 Managed Staffing

Skilled, qualified and productive workforce are the lifelines of any organization. Perhaps with changing employment landscape, permanent employees are just the part of the entire workforce, and it mostly comprises a contingent labor force. And this recent change in the employment marketplace has profoundly affected the way the managed staffing services providers find, hire and maintain such a workforce. The managed staffing solutions now address the complex challenge of the highly competitive market in diverse ways.

Diskriter hires and maintains the qualified workforce by expanding the grueling hiring process on the separate distinct level of recruitment.

 managed staffing Services


Candidate search

Fortified by their longstanding relationship with even the most passive candidates Diskriter’s team of recruiters leverage all the ways and means to attract the hires for the position. They develop a communication channel with these prospective hires in order to initiate an effective communication. A comprehensive candidate search is just a part of the rigorous managed staffing solutions by Diskriter.


Once we have a database of all the candidates who may be considered fit for the job, our senior consultant engages candidates in one-on-one interviews in order to determine the level of skill each candidate possess. The face-to-face interview helps in a preliminary assessment of the candidate and also tells a lot about his personal traits.

Cultural fit

The workforce, their attitude and the way you deal with them determine the culture of your organization. It is of utmost importance to get onboard a person who can get culturally fit into your organization. The sophisticated analysis of candidate’s soft skills like their personality their attitude towards work is determined by an interactive session by our experts such that it ensures the hire will transition smoothly onto the team and will work in tandem to achieve the organizational goal.

Onboarding candidate

Managed staffing solutions by Diskriter not just only assist administratively our clients in getting the perfect fit hire onboard but also takes an approach to cultivate and nurture a relationship. One of our senior representatives, with due permission, oversees the new hire’s transition and performance from time to time.

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