Pipe Puller

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Designation : Pipe Puller
Location : 2425 SW 36th Street San Antonio TX 78237
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1.Maintain all equipment (i.e. cart, extractor, winding machines, tower, etc.) in a clean and orderly manner.
2. Maintain all tooling including keeping IJs clean and stored properly, keeping mandrel ends clean and free from resin and using anti-seize on threads often.
3. Wear safety glasses at all times.
4. Work in a safe and orderly manner and follow lifting guidelines at all times.
5. Keep pipe winding area and plant clean including but not limited to cardboard drop material, pulling plates, wax buckets, sockets, mandrel pins, and bundling wood bins.
6. Assist with O.J.T. (On Job Training) employees as needed.
7. Work in a team environment that is coordinated and directed by the Cart Operator.

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