Direct Hire

When it comes to Direct Hire services, then Diskriter is the most preferred staffing services provider for most of the Fortune 2000 companies. With decades of experience, and an impeccable record in direct placement for some of the largest business conglomerates in USA, we assure you industry’s best staffing services, at an economical cost.

What is Direct Hire?

In Direct Hire, companies screen and interview potential candidates, and then directly hire them on their own payrolls. Normally, direct hires are those employees who are working in a niche, specialized area, and are generally hard to discover.

Why You Should Choose Diskriter for Direct Hire?

We at Diskriter have decades of experience in connecting the right professional, with the right employer.

The connections we are talking about is literally impossible to find via search engines or small job portals, because it takes a lifetime to develop that trust.

How Will It Work?

The process will start when you will share your precise business requirements, and what exactly are you looking for in direct hire. We will outline a hiring profile for you, based on the business requirements, and then share it for approval.

Once approved, we will initiative a 360 degree campaign to discover the right candidate for you. We will scan the potential candidate’s behavioral aspects, their work experience, past history with employers and more. Our objective: To select only the best employee for you.

How To Proceed?

You can email us at or call us at 800-242-1622 to inform us about your requirements and objectives. One of our dedicated hiring consultants will immediately contact you to take the process further. Be assured that direct hire services provided by us will exceed all your expectations.