E-mail Marketing

“The Money Is In The List!”

Ask any direct marketing expert, and he will share you this formula of his success. The money, profits, revenues and sales, all lies in the list.

And the list is the basic foundation of email marketing, for any online or offline business. Simply, this means that email marketing is considered the most effective, efficient and powerful way of doing marketing.

Why Email Marketing Is Important?

Contrary to some beliefs, even after the onslaught of social media and insane expansion of mobile-based Internet surfing, the importance and relevance of email have not diminished. In fact, it has only increased.

These facts will support our arguments:

  • Smartphones are used to open 62% of all emails sent across the world.
  • 65% of US consumers said that email coupons are more important than physical, grocery coupons.
  • 71% of US shoppers have taken a printout of email based coupons.
  • 85% of US entrepreneurs admitted that email is the cheapest form of marketing for them.
  • 3 out 5 hardcore Social Media users may decide to skip checking their Facebook/Twitter/Instagram accounts, but will never skip checking their emails.
  • 59% of US shoppers will sign up for an email based promotion if the offer is good enough

Approximately 205 billion emails are sent daily, across the globe. And the number is only increasing, day by day. In short, if your business is not doing email marketing, then you are missing a lot of action.

Why Diskriter For Email Marketing?

If you are searching for a reliable partner for conducting email marketing to increase your sales, then you have arrived at the right destination.

Our expert Email Marketing Managers have decades of experience in managing, executing and optimizing email marketing campaigns for thousands of clients, spread across the USA and other parts of the world.

We have the technical & operational expertise to execute result oriented, ROI-centric email marketing campaigns, which can take your business miles ahead of your competition.

How To Proceed?

All you need to do is write us at solutions@diskriter.com or call us 800-242-1622 for initiating powerful email marketing campaigns for your business. Our dedicated email marketing managers will contact you, and create a blueprint for launching a comprehensive, 360-degree email marketing campaigns, tailor-made for your business.

Choose our time-tested, and optimized email marketing strategies, and experience a massive jump in sales and profits. Diskriter, is your dependable email marketing partner.