On-Site Staffing

Often, the requirement for expert professionals is urgent, and the position needs to be filled immediately. On-site hiring events is considered as one of the best & fastest recruitment strategies, for completing fast hires for any company.

But there exists several challenges, when it comes to on-site hiring activity

  • Pushing promotions, advertisements.
  • Arranging logistics, and support staff during the hiring event.
  • Conducting interviews, shortlisting candidates.
  • Offering the right salary to the deserving candidates, and weeding out the unnecessary ones.
  • Follow-up till on-boarding is done.
  • Maintaining relationships with the candidates.

If your internal team is occupied with their core tasks, and if you are feeling overwhelmed with work, then stop right here. Because Diskriter can solve all your problems.

On-Site Staffing With Diskriter

Diskriter has the capability and experience to successfully execute your on-site hiring events at either your office location, and any other location deemed appropriate for the event.

We will manage logistics, and marketing required for conducting the hiring event, arranging the right number of recruitment experts for screening, shortlisting and finalizing the candidates, and to provide any support which your in-house team requires for the event.

Using our extensive experience of conducting high profile on-site hiring events across USA, we can assure you that your organization will receive top ROI, when you choose Diskriter for your on-site hiring event.

How To Proceed?

You can contact us by emailing here: solutions@diskriter.com or by calling us at 800-242-1622. Once you share the job descriptions, business goals and your expectations with us, our dedicated on-site hiring consultant will prepare a comprehensive blueprint for executing the hiring event, and suggest you professional guidelines for making the event a grand success.

Pass on all your worries and tensions when it comes to on-site hiring process, and allow Diskriter to recruit the best employees for your business.