Each Client is Unique


We don’t force-fit our clients into one process.  We know that each client has specific needs related to the complexity of work, turnaround requirements, technology platforms and clinicians. We create specific staffing plans and workflow processes based on the individual client requirements.  The result is higher quality results.



Progressive Staffing


Each of our medical language specialists work on two specific accounts, a primary and secondary account. We set the workflow so the client’s work is handled by their primary Diskriter team. As our Specialists become familiar with the physicians and work types, the accuracy and efficiency increases. A minor percentage of each client’s work is handled by the secondary team; through this method they become familiar with the work and can effectively support the client when the need arises.  Most importantly, we hire and retain the best medical language specialists in the industry. Quality starts with dedicated, skilled people.


Proprietary Technology


We Build It, We Own it, We Support It. With the high number of acquisitions going on in our industry, many vendors end up having to support multiple platforms and systems. Diskriter supports its clients with one, unified transcription platform.  By utilizing one platform, that we own and support, we are able to better control the entire transcription process and ensure consistently high quality results for our clients.



Intelligent use of Speech Recognition


Speech recognition is an important technology tool that, if used correctly, can enhance document quality. We assess the work of each client closely to determine suitability for speech recognition; dictating physician, work types, special instructions – are all factors in the decision.  We will not ‘force’ work into speech recognition if it is not going to produce the quality results our clients require.



Comprehensive Quality Assurance (QA) Program


To validate quality results, and identify opportunities for continual improvement, we employ a consistent and comprehensive QA program. When a medical language specialist joins Diskriter, her work is closely monitored until the work consistently meets quality standards. Random auditing of work is conducted for each client and results regularly shared. Our Specialists are fully supported by experienced editors to assist in resolving blanks and other documentation issues. We are proactive in addressing quality concerns to minimize impact to our clients.


For some vendors, quality is just one piece of their solution.  At Diskriter, quality is the foundation of our solution.  We build quality into every component of our medical transcription systems and processes.  Our clients can’t settle for ‘okay’ quality; they need high quality results, all the time.  This is what we deliver.





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