Search Engine Marketing

Every month, Google receives approximately 105 billion searches, out of which, the users receive two forms of search results: organic and paid.

While organic search marketing, also called SEO or Search Engine Optimization takes 4-6 months on an average to bear results, the paid search results bring in instant ROI. You spend money for advertisements on Google search, get back instant clicks, leads, and business.

What Is Search Engine Marketing?

In simple, non-jargon terms, it is a paid marketing activity executed on search engines, to extract more eyeballs, more leads and more business. It is same as advertising on a classified magazine or putting advertisements on a TV show.

But the difference here is that, once you ‘invest’ money on search engine advertising, like on, you have the power to track and analyze every single impression, clicks, and action on the advertisement. You know which ‘keywords’ and which ads are working, and which are not.

It’s plain magic. Because once you choose Internet-based search engine marketing, then you have absolute control over visibility, result, desired action, and budget.

Why Is Search Engine Marketing Important?

  • Out of 105 billion searches in a month, 40% of the searches are new, and 80% of new searches end up by clicking a paid result. It is simple human psychology..
  • Compared to organic search results, paid search results gets 40-50% more clicks by the searchers. As per Google, this happens because the end-user understands that when a business is spending money to appear on search results, it means that they are serious. Again, a human psychology.
  • More than 55% of all searches on Google originate from a mobile phone now. Out of 100 mobile based searchers, 65 want instant results. And paid advertisements translate to instant results. As per Google, more than 65% of all mobile searchers will end up calling at least 3 businesses discovered via paid ads.
  • And the most important aspect: For every dollar spent on Google Adwords, which is world’s largest search engine marketing platform, a typical business owner gets back $2 to $3.5. This means more than 100% ROI on every paid search marketing campaign, on, which is World’s biggest Internet company.

Besides Google, other prominent search engines which provide advertisement platform includes Bing (powered by Microsoft), Yahoo, AOL and more.

How To Proceed?

Simply send us an email at or call us at 800-242-1622. Once we receive your requirements, your desired budget and your business goals, our dedicated Search Engine Marketer will create a detailed blueprint for paid advertising campaign on search engines and provide you will estimate related to costs, ROI and the exact results which you are seeking.

Choose Diskriter for powerful search engine marketing; because your one decision can change everything.