Our Client Relationships Mean Everything To Us


A lot of companies sell products.  At Diskriter we know that a successful company is built on relationships, developed through a long-term service relationship with our clients. Every person on our team makes client service a top priority.



Relationship Management


Each client has a management level relationship leader, who is responsible for all levels of performance for the client account. The manager becomes very familiar with the account and is able to proactively address any issues that arise. The manager is supported by our service and technical staff, who are available 24/7/365.  Beyond this, each client has access to our top management, including our CEO, who directly interacts with clients on a regular basis


Convenient Service Tools


Our proprietary transcription and document system provides clients with an array of self-service tools that provide the ability to monitor the entire medical transcription process. Through our system, clients can:


• Change the priority of a job

• Listen to voice files

• Monitor document workflow

• Review, edit, e-sign documents

• Distribute documents on-demand



Intelligent use of Speech Recognition


Speech recognition is an important technology tool that, if used correctly, can enhance document quality. We assess the work of each client closely to determine suitability for speech recognition; dictating physician, work types, special instructions – are all factors in the decision.  We will not ‘force’ work into speech recognition if it is not going to produce the quality results our clients require.



Proactive Service Response


We know that we won’t get everything right, all the time.  We constantly monitor the performance levels for our clients, so when a problem does arise, we can proactively, research, address and fix.  The key is to maintain constant communication with our clients and keep them aware of any item that can impact performance and the resolution status.



Cost Containment


Facing reduced reimbursement and rising expenses, cost containment is a reality in the business of healthcare. Diskriter recognized this challenge faced by our clients, and we continue to adapt our medical transcription solution to provide the right balance between operational goals and financial goals.  Through our solution we have reduced the total costs up of medical transcription up to 30%.


Let us perform a total cost analysis of your current transcription program.  We will assess your current workflow and identify opportunities to employ technology and process improvement to reduce your total cost of transcription.  If you are currently outsourced, we will analyze billing and pricing methods to determine if you are being fairly charged for work and are receiving best in industry pricing.




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