Speed is often critical in healthcare. When it comes to medical transcription, delivering fast turnaround of medical documentation supports our clients goals for quality of patient care as well as successful revenue cycle management.


We focus on key processes that drive speed in medical documentation:



Leading Technology


The Diskriter transcription system provides our staff with a highly productive and efficient platform.  Our medical transcriptionists (MTs) capitalize on a suite of productivity tools to improve the speed of report production.  Our system contains workflow logic that effectively prioritizes and assigns work based on turnaround time standards and requests. It also allows customers to easily change the turnaround requirements for a specific job.


Effective Staffing


To achieve speed in documentation, it is critical to effectively manage staffing. At Diskriter we ensure we have the right number of staff assigned to our clients work, with MTs that possess the skill set needed to perform the work with both speed and accuracy.  During implementation of a new client,

we document dictation patterns and volume flow and match a staffing plan to meet the requirements. The primary transcription team is supported by flex-staff that can ensure turnaround time is maintained even during peak volume periods.


Quality = Speed


While quality of work and speed might seem to be opposing goals, they actually work together.

With our focus on total quality, we ensure documents are produced correctly the first time, avoiding

re-work and delays in reports the can impact speed in final delivery to the client.

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