We Built It.  We Own It.  We Support It.


With the many mergers and acquisitions occurring in the healthcare business, many vendors end up supporting multiple platforms across many different clients.  Other vendors own no technology, and rely on a third party vendor to provide the technology platform used by clients.  At Diskriter, we provide our solution on one unified technology platform – a platform that we built, we control and we support 100%.  The result is a more efficient, reliable service for our clients.


Transriter™, our proprietary medical transcription and document platform, is built, owned and supported exclusively by Diskriter. Transriter is an industry proven platform that promotes consistency and stability and is customizable to each client’s needs.


Specific capabilities include:


• Cloud-based design

• Easy system deployment

• Accepts HL7/ADT interface transactions

• Demographics interface from other systems

• Voice system integration

• High performance transcription production tools

• Quality assurance monitoring

• Organize and track work by production status

• Flexible document distribution: system upload, web, fax and print

• Real-time view of production and job status


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