Temporary To Hire

Hiring a full time employee is almost like a gamble: You never know whether he or she is the best candidate for your organization or not.

But, at the same time, regular business operations and workflow shouldn’t get hampered as well. Then, how to find the right balance, and choose a hiring process which gives you best of both the worlds?

What Is Temp-to-Hire?

Diskriter understood the problem of employers, when it comes to hiring permanent employees, and the requirement of testing and judging their capabilities. In order to provide a balanced approach towards solving this problem, we offer you temp-to-hire staffing solutions, which not only provides you flexibility within recruitment process, but also ensures continuity of your business operations, which means consistent revenues and profits.

With temporary staffing, you can ask for an on-demand workforce, which is agile, flexible and result-oriented. Become more fluid and productive, with Temporary Staffing solutions from Diskriter.

How Will It Work?

Businesses can now hire employees on a temporary basis, just like temporary staffing solutions which we already provide. However, with temp-to-hire service, your business can now permanently hire that temporary employee, if he or she meets all your expectations.

With temporary staffing, that employee will return once the job ends, but with temp-to-hire model, organizations can offer a permanent job opportunity to that temporary employee or can ask them to return back.

Why Temporary-to-Work is A Better Option for Your Business?

With this model of staffing solution, your business can:

  • Quickly fill the position which is vacant, which means that no business operation will be hampered.
  • You can efficiently test that candidate’s capabilities and skills, without hiring him/her permanently.
  • During the temporary phase of employment, you can check whether that employee is able to fit culturally in the organization. Besides skillset, it is very important to consider cultural compatibility with the employee with the organization.

How To Proceed?

Email us at solutions@diskriter.com or call us at 800-242-1622 to explain your business requirements vis-a-vis temp-to-hire staffing model. One of our representatives will contact you to instantly solve your recruitment issues, and provide a feasible solution within a pre-determined time-slot. Be assured that the temp-to-hire staffing solutions provided by us will exceed all your expectations.