Website Development

When it comes to online businesses, then website development, along with website designing are the two most crucial, vital components. Website development can be compared to finalizing architecture of a physical store or office - the first step always lies in determining the structure, scope, and foundation of the property (offline or online).

What Is Website Development?

Website development means using high-end technological platform to create and develop an online property, which acts as your virtual office or store wherein your potential customers can visit and select the products/services they desire.

Using complex algorithms, coding structures, and technological platforms, developers create a website which fulfills the business objectives and allows the business owner to showcase his expertise, products and services to the whole world.


  • They are scalable, as and when required. You can add products, images, content and matter anytime, without any further investments.
  • They are accessible 24*7, 365 days a year. Physical stores always have a limitation vis-a-vis location and timing.
  • They are available to your customers from all over the world. With physical stores, the accessibility is limited to the location wherein they are situated.
  • Website development is cheaper, economical way to start and launch a business, wherein physical stores need capital investment and need maintenance costs.

Why Diskriter For Website Development?

Diskriter was established in 1947, and have served more than 2500 clients from all over the world. We boast of a clientele which includes who is who business world, fortune 500 companies and sharp, young digital businesses which have made an impact in the world.

Using our extensive 70 years of experience, we can provide you
  • Cutting edge digital business consultation, which will help you to dominate online business, globally.
  • Expertise in both frontend and backend technologies, so that your website is robust, scalable and powerful.
  • We can implement quick changes, as and when required, based on your business goals.
  • We have access to world-class technological infrastructure, which translates to better functioning and technologically superior digital properties.
  • We always follow the best practices of creating a website, which means that your website is aligned with international standards of coding conventions.

How to Proceed?

Simply email us at or call us at 800-242-1622 and explain your business goals vis-a-vis your website and digital presence. Our expert digital managers and developers will understand your requirements, and create a tailor-made blueprint for developing a website, which beats your competitors.