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Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania since 1947, Diskriter professionals have worked side-by-side with healthcare providers of all types and sizes in the United States supplying customized HIM Department Solutions that deliver measurable results.  Today, Diskriter maintains two core divisions which include Health Information Management Solutions and Medical Transcription Services.


Today’s hospitals and healthcare organizations are confronted with increasingly rigid regulatory and compliance rules, HIM professional labor pool shortages and revenue cycle management challenges. To manage the operation efficiently, minimize risk and exposure, improve cash flow, and provide quality patient care you need a professional and experienced partner you can depend on for support.


Timely healthcare information is critical to patient care and your facility’s success. At Diskriter, we have a keen understanding of the extensive HIM functions and the need for timely, accurate, and effective solutions. Building partnerships and exceeding customer expectations is the rule, not the exception.



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