Through a partnership with Artificial Medical Intelligence (AMI), Diskriter offers a leading Computer Assisted Coding (CAC) platform. EMscribe®  is a CAC application that has been successfully installed and used at hundreds of hospitals in the U.S. Through the innovative use of Natural Language Proccesing (NLP), EMscribe supports the full spectrum of medical care.  It has been designed with a physician-centered approach, a system that is user friendly, practical and useful.


EMscribe® is a modular design, allowing it to be easily embedded with other coding platforms and interoperable with most health information systems.


In the end, your use of CAC is only effective when it is being managed and used by well-trained and experienced people. When you partner with Diskriter for computer assisted coding, you also receive the benefit of our wealth of experience and capabilities in coding services and operations.


Applying Useful Technology to the Revenue Cycle Puzzle

Diskriter and EMscribe®

can help address many coding and revenue cycle challenges:



 • Case Mix improvements

 • Productivity standards

 • ICD-10 conversion

 • Legal & Regulatory


 • Quality & Accuracy


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