With medical transcription services, healthcare facilities struggle to achieve these competing goals. To achieve all of these objectives, it takes the right combination of skilled people, technology and workflow process. Firstly, Diskriter provides the medical transcription services to healthcare facilities across the United States. Our many years of experience; commitment to hiring and retaining the best staff; and constant commitment to technology advances enable us to help our customers achieve their operational and financial goals. Most medical transcription service providers neither have access to talent pool of transcriptionists nationwide nor have technology to meet challenges of today’s health care industry.


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Medical Transcription Company - Customized For Your Needs

We know one size does not fit all, which is why we adapt our medical transcription services to fit your specific requirements. Most medical transcription companies are not flexible to accommodate a healthcare facility's technology requirement. We will supply the transcription technology or work with your existing system. While we have extensive experience with full outsourcing solutions, we also support clients with a committed overflow or partial outsourcing model.


Medical Transcription

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