Do you need help to complete a special project? Our team will work with you to get it done effectively, on time and within budget.

We have assisted clients with a number of diverse projects, including

the following.


• ICD 10 Medical Coding Challenges


  Diskriters’ ongoing ICD-10 Services are available to provide your organization with a swift

  response as we continue to work through the issues of ICD-10. Whatever ICD-10 challenge

  you have, we have a solution!



• Operational Assessments


Re-engineering of operational workflow processes is one of our specialties. Our experienced

personnel will conduct in-depth review and analysis of your current workflow.  Once the

review is completed, they will work one-on-one with you to develop a customized plan for

your facility to increase efficiency and maximize reimbursements.


• Interim Management


Health care providers sometimes find themselves with critical unfilled positions in the health   information and clinical documentation areas. Diskriter has been able to help clients by   placing skilled and experienced people in these roles, on an interim basis. Our interim   professionals can contribute to important projects and activities, including the following.


• Business process improvement efforts

• Process and procedure training and documentation

• Management oversight of current staff and functions

• Information technology upgrade/migration projects

• Management and execution of special projects



• Assembly + Analysis


We will come to your facility or work remotely depending on your needs.  We will work hard

to meet your goals and to provide customized service according to your hospital standards.


• Filing/Scanning


Filing services are available.  This can include the filing of loose work to the reorganization

of file rooms; or we completely switch your file room over to a different filing system such

as terminal digit order.


• Purge Projects


Our staff will work with you to determine the purge project scope.  We will do all the work

including generating pull lists, updating file locations in your computer system, organizing

records into boxes, and arranging for storage.



We approach all levels of work with a complete commitment to quality and service excellence.





Health Information Systems


Many hospitals are planning for major technology upgrades. Along with system upgrades comes a need to transfer a tremendous amount of sensitive patient information from one system to another.  With our experience in hiring and managing trained skilled staff, processing sensitive patient information and building and deploying healthcare documentation technology, Diskriter is well-equipped to support the data migration needs of health care facilities.

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